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Illinois State Martial Arts Hall of Fame

2012 Banquet Pictures

2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

Master Joe Gerardi
Master David Grabinski Sr.
Master Roger Lane
Master Julio Ortiz
Master Drew Wickham
Master David Wilson

2011 Ken Knudson Memorial Award

Master John Nanay

Hall of Fame Members

Master Harold Burrage
Master Al Campbell
Master Mike Cass
Master John Castaldo
Master Terry Creamer
Master Kieron Davis
Master Alex Dunlap
Master Ken Eubanks
Master Joe Gangi
Grand Master Goa
Master Steve Gross
Master Tom Heriaud
Master Juan Hernandez
Master William Hernandez Jr.
Master Michael Hill
Master Pete Hoffman
Master Gregory Jaco
Master Jimmy Jones
Master Jackie King
Master Ken Knudson
Master Greg Mattson
Master Mike McNamara
Master Shorty Mills
Master Ozzie Mitchell
Master Peggy Mitchell
Master Tak Mizuta
Master Becky Mornar
Master Danny Pasina
Master Ben Peacock
Master Rico Paone
Master Fred Richmond
Master Scott Rozak
Master Rob Salazar
Master Tom Saviano
Master John Sharkey
Master Shun Shin
Master Brian Smith
Master Larry Tankson
Master John Townsley
Master Mary Townsley
Master Rocky Troutman
Grand Master Tsai
Master John Venson
Master Rick Weber
Master Jerry Weiss
Master Jim White
Master Tim Wright

Special Awards

Kim Eubanks
Charlene Knudson
Jessie Jackson Jr.

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